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Fallstudie: Heßheim

TYSKLAND: Balning av MSW

Waste from approximately 800,000 people is treated at the WtE (Waste to Energy) incineration plant in Ludwigshafen and during the revisions of the plant the waste is stored at Süd-müll in Heßheim that uses the Flexus round baling machine for secure storage.

The baling gives high quality storage of waste fuel and the bales are then treated at the WtE plant when there is free capacity. Baling and storing of the waste is made at Süd-Müll’s own premises.

The round bales of waste can be stored for several years and be transported on ordinary trailers. One package of waste is one package of energy.

The company Süd-Müll has worked with waste management for over 30 years and has solutions for many different waste materials.

In 2006 Süd-Müll bought the latest model of Flexus baler and operate it on a regular basis. As the baler is mobile Süd-Müll have also been contracted to do baling at clients' own facilities.


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