Baling site in Colombier, Switzerland
Transporting the finished bales is easy
The finished bales stored for further transport at a suitable time

Flexus Typhoon integrated baling and wrapping technology

The Typhoon is the successor to the widely sold and highly popular Tornado model. The Typhoon is a high capacity baler, conservatively rated at a baling capacity of 30 bales/hour, but with good O&M can comfortably reach 35+ bales/hour = up to 50 tons/hour for MSW applications, with a power consumption of up to 40 kW only.

The Typhoon heavy-duty baler is perfect choice to cost-efficiently handle a wide range of applications incl. MSW, WtE, transport and shipping of RDF/SRF, biomass, landfill remedition, C&I, recyclables, disaster clean-ups, tyres, ASR, ashes and high-value agricultural products i.e. beet pulp etc.

From installation to production within one day:
With its small foot print and compact layout, Flexus balers do not require extensive civil works for installation and operations, first installation only takes one working day.

The integrated round baling and wrapping systems have always been designed for easy transport, quick installation and dismantling. The combination conveyor is equipped with its own hydraulic system facilitating easy installation and dismantling. Both the baling and wrapping as well as the conveyor modules are mounted on hook lift frames. The Typhoon baler's mobility is a perfect choice for large landfill sites, MSW and RDF at different locations as well as for baling and wrapping contractors: arriving at the new site, the Flexus system generally is back in full production within two hours.

Flexus balers have always been designed to be service friendly; the Typhoon is easy to maintain – thereby increasing productiviy and cost efficiency.

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Flexus – a sustainable baling and wrapping solution

Approximate dimensions of the Tornado baling system
All measurements are approximations.
Variations may occur depending on configuration.