Baling site in Colombier, Switzerland
Transporting the finished bales is easy
The finished bales stored for further transport at a suitable time

Top of the line in heavy duty waste processing

The Tornado model is our top of the line version of the unique round baling system for waste fractions, capable of processing capacities up to 30 tonnes per hour while requiring only around 50 kW of power, making it a very energy efficient way of handling and storing waste materials.

The Tornado model has a "helicopter-style" wrapping unit, and is available with bale ejection to either side or forwards in the axis of the machine for narrow installations. Dual feeding conveyors for easier loading and to increase the capacity of the baler. Finished bales are ejected onto a bale conveyor that holds up to 3 finished bales. Also available in configurations with spillage conveyors.

All of our baling systems are heavy duty, but for serious waste management and storage, the Tornado is a very cost efficient solution that will last for many, many years of hard work.

Suitable for baling: MSW, RDF, SRF, recyclables, beet pulp, corn silage

Approximate dimensions of the Tornado baling system
All measurements are approximations.
Variations may occur depending on configuration.