Technology and concept

Building a sustainable society

The society of the past, with smelly and hazardous wasteFor many years waste has been collected by special lorries or containers and dumped at land fill sites. To handle and store waste in this way has generally been associated with bad smell, fire risk and unacceptable environmental conditions.

Flexus Balasystem AB has developed a unique method that has changed the handling and storage of waste completely.

Garbage, residual waste and industrial materials can easily be compressed to a fraction of the original volume and enclosed in cylindrical bales. A method that supports a sustainable waste management system for today and the future.

Flexus' round baling system

The baling unit is the heart if of our unique and energy efficient systemThe Flexus baling unit is the heart of this unique system. Waste, recycled materials and other materials are transformed into easy to handle round bales. Ordinary lorries can be used for the transport and the bales can safely be stored outdoors.

The system can be designed for stationary installation and be fully integrated into a waste treatment plant. The installation is designed to meet the demands and conditions at each specific case.

The mobile baling system can be easily transported from site to site. This gives large flexibility to handle both smaller and larger baling commissions, for example at main­tenance stops at MSW processing plants.

Clean and efficient storage of waste for intermediate or long term