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Press capacity

Baling shredded MSW during maintenance stops in Borås, SwedenThe capacity of the press is to a large part dependant on what type of material is handled and how it is fed to the machine. During production conditions an hourly capacity of up to 40 bales has been confirmed for certain materials. However, maintenance work and such can not always be avoided, and many materials contains difficult parts that may lower the capacity of the press. When pressing MSW the effective capacity is around 15-25 bales/hour, including service and maintenance, cleaning and similar tasks.

Our product line consists mainly of two models; Breeze and Tornado. The Tornado model has a higher capacity and faster operation. Depending on your needs you may choose to utilize single or multiple machines to achieve the desired throughput. Other factors may also come into play, for example if your needs require a high throughput during short periods the faster Tornado model may be the better choice, while for a slower and steady throughput a Breeze will suffice.

What capacity is achievable for various materials depends on many variables. Contact us at Flexus Balasystem for more information and sharing of our knowledge and experience with specific materials.

Calculate storage area

Approximate dimensions of a finished round baleA single bale has a diameter of approximately 120-135 centimeter, and it is 120 centimeter high.

A normal wheel loader can easily stack 4 bales high (4,8 metres), but with a telescopic stacker we see regular stacks of 8 bales in height. The bale layers are stacked with an offset, so that each bale covers half the area of two bales below, and thus locking them in place. The entire stack is then safer for storage, which is also important from a personal safety view.

Below you can calculate the approximate storage capacity for a given area. You will also get a hunch about the total storage weight, depending on the material that is to be processed. The default example calculates on an area of 50x30 metres (1,500 square metres) with bales of MSW (organic waste). The default bale dimensions are calculated with a diameter of 120cm.

How many bales/tonnes?

Enter the material and dimensions for your own storage facility and see how much you can store!


Layer Stack height In this layer Total bales Total weight
1st layer 1.2 metres
2nd layer 2.4 metres
3rd layer 3.6 metres
4th layer 4.8 metres
5th layer 6.0 metres
6th layer 7.2 metres
7th layer 8.4 metres
8th layer 9.6 metres

Please note: All the above data and results are approximations, and may vary from case to case.