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This site uses cookies. A cookie is a short text that is sent from a website to your browser and stored on your system. Cookies are primarily used to customize the information on the page so that it is suitable for the visitor's preferences (eg, land and language). Cookies may also be used to customize the information that appears on the website next time you visit it. If you have registered for a login on the website, certain data such as your user name may be stored via a cookie.

The website may use both session cookies and persistent cookies. The term session cookies refers to cookies that are only stored in memory on the web server during the user's visit to the website. Such cookies are not stored in the end user's system.

Using persistent cookies allows the site you recognize you next time you return to our website and remember any settings automatically so you don't need to enter them again on each visit. Persistent cookies are stored permanently in the user's system (hard disk or elsewhere) and can have a life span from a few seconds to several years. This site uses persistent cookies primarily to remember the selected country/language, but we reserve the right to use persistent cookies to collect statistics and the like.


If you do not want to accept cookies from this site, you can choose to either leave the site or configure your browser to either notify when you receive a cookie (so you can choose whether to accept it or not) or block all or certain types of cookies. Your browser can also delete previously stored cookies. For more information about settings for cookies, see your browser's help function. Even if you have prevented the use of cookies in your browser, most parts of the site will be available to you.