Case study: Nimes

FRANCE: Baling of MSW

The incineration plant of Nimes, France has a capacity of 110,000 tonnes/year in one line.

The choice of a single line of 14 tonnes/hour instead of two lines (2 x 7 tonnes/hour), significantly reduces the amount of investment, this was made possible by the installation of the Flexus baling system that ensures the ability to receive waste even when the incinerator is out of service (for maintenance or other circumstances).

Both annual revisions and unplanned stops results in baling from between 13,000 to 15,000 tonnes waste annually.

The installation of a baling system with wrapping is installed inside the WtE (Waste to Energy plant) and are fed directly from the waste crane in the bunker.

The bales are stored outdoors in the immediate area of the plant. Storage of household waste in the form of round bales does not change the parameters that characterize incineration. The material inside the bales are not affected by storage.

The baling method and wrapping with plastic film has been used for a very long time for agricultural products. Indeed, the chemical reactions inside a bale of garbage are similar to the inside of a bale of maize or beet pulp. Numerous studies show that there is no negative impact on the environment.


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