Case study: Incinerator plant, Lidköping

SWEDEN: Baling of MSW

In Lidköping the incineration plant is connected to the central heating systems of the city. However, incineration plants has a high demand for fuel in the winter season and limited demand in the summertime. Inflow of material, however, comes evenly all year around and this gives a need to store waste during the summer.

The solution to this is the Flexus round baling system. This way the waste from the summer season is kept in nice and tidy round bales that can be stored without problem until the winter season with maintained energy value.

Lidköping incinerator plant started in 1986 and every year 10,000-15,000 tons of MSW are processed and stored in round-bales.

The stationary round baling system is working for seasonal storage and as back-up to the incinerator plant.

Lidköping has an integrated system where the round-baling machine, bale conveyors and the opening of bales are working in an automatic line, directly connected to the incinerator.

Advantages of seasonal storage in round-bales:

  • Nice and tidy storage
  • Volume reduction
  • Optimize logistics
  • Storage at incinerator site - no transport
  • No energy loss
  • No odour
  • No fire risk
  • No fermentation

Advantages of back-up unit:

  • Always available capacity even if the incinerator is shut down
  • No start-up time
  • No need to divert incoming material
  • Easy to handle and store


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