Breeze Mini

Dumping waste straight into the feed conveyor on Ile d'Molene, France
The finished bale ejected onto the roller conveyor
A simple but small and tidy round bale storage facility

Waste processing for small islands or remote locations

The Breeze Mini handles up to 7 tonnes per hour (5 bales/hour) at around 25 kW of power, making it a perfect fit for smaller installations, e.g. on small islands or in remote places. High reliability for seasonal or irregular operation, with high energy efficiency as an added bonus.

The Breeze Mini is equipped with a bottom-mounted wrapping unit, bale ejection to the side and a single feeding conveyor making it the smallest of our baling systems. The finished bales are ejected onto a roller conveyor that holds a single bale.

All of our baling systems are heavy duty, and for smaller projects the Breeze Mini will give you many years of reliable service.

Suitable for baling: MSW, RDF, SRF, recyclables

Approximate dimensions of the Breeze Mini baling system
All measurements are approximations.
Variations may occur depending on configuration.