Unprocessed household waste in Nuuk, Greenland
The Flexus round baling system in Nuuk
The compressed waste is easily stored, nice and tidy

High efficiency waste processing for medium sized projects

Our Breeze model is suitable for medium sized projects of up to 20 tonnes per hour (15 bales/hour), requiring no more than around 35 kW of power. Excellent efficiency for sites that doesn't require continuous operation 24 hours per day, but still need high reliability.

The Breeze baling system has a bottom-mounted wrapping unit and is available only with bale ejection to the side, unlike the Tornado model. Dual feeding conveyors for easier loading and to increase the capacity of the baler. Finished bales are ejected onto a bale conveyor that holds up to 3 finished bales.

All of our baling systems are heavy duty, and for many installations our Breeze baler is a very good fit.

Suitable for baling: MSW, RDF, SRF, recyclables

Approximate dimensions of the Breeze baling system
All measurements are approximations.
Variations may occur depending on configuration.