Case study: Baling of RDF/SRF

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) plants are common in Europe to meet the European demands for sustainable waste handling.

RDF/SRF process facilities combined with the Flexus Balasystem round baling system is the best solution to efficiently store and transport the generated RDF/SRF.

The material is compressed and wrapped into easily handled round bales, that can be stored indoor or outdoor, without being affected by the weather. The bales enables the use of different means of rail, road and waterway transport.

Conventional transports like standard semi-trailers and bulk ships can be used. Flexus bales ensure optimized full load weight transports.

Advantages with Flexus Baling of RDF/SRF:

  • Baler with integrated wrapper, minimizing spillage, no broken bales
  • Energy efficient and low energy consumption
  • No special transport, uses standard trailers
  • Use full loading capacity on trucks/trailers/boats
  • Efficient and easy loading on trailers and trucks
  • Approximately 38-40 bales on a standard semitrailer
  • Easy to open Flexus round bales, homogenus compaction


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