Flexus Bale Grab is customizable for most common loaders
Flexus Bale Opener, customizable for most common loaders

Considering that our baling systems are heavy duty machines we feel that to maintain a problem free workflow, all the parts of the workflow need to be able to handle the job at hand. For that reason, our accessories are just as heavy duty, capable of handling almost anything you throw at them.

Bale grab

Flexus own bale grab fits almost all loaders, and are constructed to be capable of coping with the continuous heavy loads of handling the finished bales. Developed and built by Flexus, these are a lot stronger than your normal agricultural version.

Bale opener

For opening bales, we have developed our own bale opener that fits almost any loader, making it easy to swap out the bale grab for a bale opener when the time comes to open the bales for incineration or further processing when needed. Like the bale grab, the bale opener is developed and built entirely by Flexus to withstand the heavy loads of continuous waste management.

Spillage conveyor

For stationary or semi-stationary installations, we provide spillage conveyors that makes it easy to handle any spilled materials, automatically transporting it back to the feeding conveyor to be fed into the baling chamber.