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Fallstudie: Pace Glass Recycling (video)


This case study shows the installation procedure of the Flexus baling system at Pace Glass' facility in New Jersey, USA. Here we want to show how quick and easy it is to deploy the Flexus round baling system from machine delivery to full production capability.

Pace Glass Inc. is processing landfills and extracting glass to efficiently process recyclable glass to be re-melted and reused in common consumer or industrial products. This effectively reduces their clients' carbon footprint by large amounts due to using recycled materials. Their goal is to recover, process and reuse every shard of glass available to create a greener tomorrow.

Our round baling system was a perfect fit for Pace Glass, who had huge amounts of waste to process in their search for glass fragments. After sifting through the waste, the material has to be processed further elsewhere, meaning that Pace Glass was sitting on large mounds of waste material that presented various hazards, like the potential of fires.

So, baling the waste in Flexus round bales solved multiple problems for them; the risk of fire is greatly reduced while simultaneously decreasing the volume of the material, the potential for bad smells, vermin and such is minimized, and storing and transporting the waste is both cleaner and easier.


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